Mohammad Hasan Jouri

Monday, August 2, 2021 فارسی

Name: Mohammad Hasan Jouri
Department: Agriculture
Faculty: Rangeland and watershed
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Email: m _ j o o r i @ i a u n o u r . a c . i r
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Degree: Field: University: Country: Graduated Year:
PhD Rangeland ecology and Phytosociology Pune University India 2010
Master's degree Range Management Tarbiat Modaress University (TMU) Iran 1999
Bachelor's Degree Range and Watershed Management Mazandaran University Iran 1997

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Publication Date 
ExpandStudy on the role of nurse species to protect the palatable species in three grazing intensities treatmentMohajer, N., M.H. Jouri, M. Mahdavi & N. Mohajer7/16/2013
Expand. Landslide hazard zonation in subalpine ecosystems using AHP and Landslide Index methods (Case study: Masooleh watershed)Jouri, M.H., M. Zare, M. Fakhreghazi, T. Salarian & D. Askarizadeh8/13/2013
ExpandCan the Rangeland Health Model interpret the function of semi-steppic area (Iran)?Mahdavi M., M.H. Jouri, D. Askarizadeh, T. Salarian and S. Miarrostami11/6/2013
ExpandComparing of bivariate statistic, AHP and combination methods to predict the landslide hazard in the northern aspect of Alborz Mt. (Iran)Zare, M., M.H. Jouri, T. Salarian, D. Askarizadeh & S. Miarrostami6/11/2014
Expand. Ecological investigation of changes in rangeland condition and its relationship to poisonous speciesKhalatbari, K., M.H. Jouri, A. Aryapour & M.R. Mehrabi8/18/2014
ExpandThe effects of altitude on chemical compositions and function of essential oils in Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl. (Iran)Mahzooni-Kachapi, S.S., M. Mahdavi, M.H. Jouri, M. Akbarzadeh & L. Roozbeh-Nasira’ei8/18/2014
ExpandEvaluation of shallow landslides hazard using artificial neural network of Multi-Layer Perceptron method in Subalpine Grassland (Case study: Glandrood watershed - Mazandaran)Salarian, T., M. Zare, M.H. Jouri, S. Miarrostami & M. Mahmoudi9/15/2014
ExpandThe effects of ecological factors of site on quality and quantity of the essence from Phlomis cancellation Bunge. in Mazandaran province (Iran)Mahdavi, M., M. H. Jouri, M. DeylamSalehi & A. Motevalizadeh11/17/2014
ExpandThe effects of altitude on productivity and formative components of essential oils of Artmisia absinthium L. (Iran)Mahdavi, M., M.H. Jouri, S.S. Mahzooni-Kachapi, M. Sadeghi’Hardoroodi12/22/2014
ExpandThe evaluation and determination of chemical compositions in the essence of Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl. in three sites in Alborz Mt. (Iran)Mahzooni-Kachapi, S.S., M. Mahdavi, M.H. Jouri, M. Akbarzadeh, L. Roozbeh-Nasira’ei & F. Rezazadeh12/22/2014
ExpandThe study of diversity indices of plants species using SHE method (case study: Javaherdeh Rangelands, Ramsar, Iran)Salarian, T., M.H. Jouri, D. Askarizadeh & M. Mahmoudi4/20/2015
ExpandStudy of chemical composition and antibacterial effects of essential oils of Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl., Salvia verticillata L., and Tanacetum polycephalum Schultz-Bip. on some microbial lineagesMahdavi, M., M.H. Jouri, S.S. Mahzooni-Kachapi & S. Halimi’Jelodar6/13/2015
ExpandUnimodal relationship between grassland plant richness and biomass supported by worldwide evidenceFraser et al.7/17/2015
ExpandThe Surveying of Range Condition and Biodiversity in Four Sites of Northern Alborz Rangelands, IranJouri, M.H., D. Askarizadeh & V. Rahimi Kakroodi7/27/2015
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